The journey to find our purpose - it will never end. It's why we're here, and there will never be a finished answer. For me, it's about finding stories, sharing them, creating new ones, breaking them down and starting all over again. With a background in writing and marketing, I am a social, creative creature. Bold, optimistic, and curious, I like to grab life by the horns. I've spent the past two years buried deep in social media. I've realized I'd like to move back towards bigger projects. Writing and film are major passions of mine. I'd like to find projects that let those skills to flourish. 

 My happy place is being wedged between the mega-creative and the technical. I walk a line down the middle. 

Born in Moscow, Russia and raised in beautiful Canada, I've got the rationale from the former and the optimism of the latter. Currently based out of Vancouver, I'm looking for new opportunities, locally and abroad.