Website Copywriting

I have planned and written out most of the copy on the websites below. 

A social media agency focused on food and beverage. Designed slogans, worked with designer on content layout. Compiled information from clients and case studies.

An automation consulting firm. Created clear messaging, web and blog copywtiting. Assisted with website design. 


Tangoo Talks2.JPG

Tangoo Talks
Designed event concept, wrote web copy

Episode One
Episode Two

Cartems Launch Party
Designed event for the product launch of a donut brand with a cafe client
Created all event marketing content (writing, content, and media and influencer invite)


Personal Branding

dan green bright.jpg

Daniel Fernandes 

Daniel is an internationally-acclaimed soccer goalie. He has played for teams such as Porto FC, PAOK, Bochum, and locally, the Metro Vancouver team. He approached me with a request to create a personal branding page for him. We included information on his background, his career and his philosophy. I worked with a web developer to design the site. I shot the cover photo and wrote all the content through interviews. 

Carson Hegedus
Carson is an audiovisual and production technician. He has worked for every major concert in BC, and many in Seattle. The portfolio of talent he's supported and the shows he's produced have been seen by thousands of locals. He was interested in having an online resume to show his work, in case he decided to take his career internationally. I designed the website, sourced the content, and wrote all the copy through interviewing Carson.


A local entrepreneur was launching his first business, a dehydrated food brand for outdoor enthusiasts. My job was to come up with a tagline based on the customer he was targeting. This was the result. 




Below are samples of my blog posts for Tangoo:

The Golden Owl Awards: Interview with the Founders

Interviewed the founders of the Golden Owl Awards, formerly known as Vancouver Nightlife Awards.

Restaurant Tastings - What are they, why are they?

After launching an influencer program at Tangoo, I presented an analysis on the current system for restaurant tastings, to explain our reason for offering this service through our business. 

Published Articles


Co-published articles with my business partner, Andrew Seipp. Wrote as a ghostwriter so no credits are given.

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